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[Guide] Posting in the Ideas and Feedback Section.
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killemforfree Admin
7 posts
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9 months ago

Welcome to the Ideas and Feedback Subforum!

This section is here to allow you, the community, to provide your input on the server. You can use this to explain any sort of change or addition you would like to see, as well as get input from your fellow community members. This section is intended to be as productive as possible, and as such has a few specific rules that apply to it, found here:

1) Make sure to appropriate prefix on your post. This allows us to more effectively review suggestions related to specific topics. This can also allow those who have more experience with those topics get involved with discussions. This can be done by using the prefix drop down when making a new post. For any server suggestions, please use the server prefix. For any suggestions related to the forums or website as a whole, please use the website prefix.

2) Make sure you aren't rage posting. While we understand that you are passionate about the game, it is important that any and all feedback is presented in a level headed, constructive way. This includes any sort of post you might make that is driven by anger, attacks other users or staff, excessively curses, or if you feel the need to include a tag such as [Rant] in the title. In any of these cases, it is best to take a short break to calm down, and write and post your feedback once you have calmed down.

3) Please make sure your suggestion doesn't already exist before making it.

4) Make sure your post follows every single server rule foundĀ here.